October 2023 : A new normal?

As we return to the rink it seems as though things have settled down as we start our third year in our new home at Lanarkshire Ice Rink. We are still facing the same difficulties as other clubs as we try to keep our player numbers up so we can enjoy lots of curling but we remain optimistic as the number of younger members is rising. Our Try Curling inititative continues early this season and we hope to encourage more to join and enjoy our game.

September 2023 : Putting Challenge

The second year in our new putting venue did not disappoint as a good gathering of C&R and H&T members made for an entertaining afternoon of chat, putting and fish and chips. Course conditions were described as 'challenging' which is no understatement! The variety of conditions that faced participants was matched only by the puzzled looks on their faces... Who knew that a single hole (resplendent with proper flag and cup) could provide the sort of competition that is normally the preserve of championship courses. I may be exaggerating but if you were not there, you missed out.

September 2021 : Shall we try that again?

We are of course relieved to be back after an unwelcome hiatus. The stage is set for our new season and although our numbers have reduced somewhat, we are eager to return to the ice and resume the game we love. Do enjoy your curling and be sure to let curling friends and associates know that we would be keen to have them amongst us. We have a full calendar of games and our involvement with Glasgow Province continues but we are keen to see more of you involved in these games. It is vital that we keep opportunities to play open so we can offer variety of play and friendship to enjoy.

New Season New Everything

Well there's an understatement... Our year has been dominated by two things - the need to change rink owing to the closure of Braehead and a worldwide pandemic that closed the rink before the season was over!
So here we are. About to emabark on a new adventure at Lanarkshire Ice Rink in Hamilton. The Club has had to make a choice which sadly, has implications for our membership as many have chosen not to continue for reasons of travel. We also say a farewell to members who have decided that this is the time to step back from the game. We wish everyone well and look back on the great memories of time spent on and off the ice with our curling friends.
Our season has started in a traditional fashion with a small gathering at the LIB links as Leslie hosted a BBQ to compete for the Putter. A pleasant gathering as we got to see each other and share a bite. The putting provided it's own simulation of "last year's ice at Braehead" but you had better ask someone who was there what THAT means!
Games are now published here and despite the impact of some departures we have a full programme of games to keep us busy through the season.

There is guidance available to all as to conduct at the rink so we comply with Covid-19 restrictions. We have a Covid-19 Officer which is a mandatory requirement and we are pleased to welcome Liz Horton who has volunteered to help with this. If you have any concerns please get in touch so we can provide advice.
Finally, remember that this is supposed to be fun and we eagerly anticipate returning to the game to enjoy some keen competition and good sporting behaviour!

Older News

New Season and all that...

First updates for the new season are taking place now - as of 30th July. First up are the draws for the competitions - the teams and dates are in place.
Please do take note however that there are more updates to follow in the narrative with details of competition format, rules and finals. AGM report also to be posted...

Some additional dates to note are that the invitational bonspiel takes place on Tuesday 26 November which is after the round robin games and before the finals take place.

The Christmas Bonspiel takes place on Tuesday 17th December.

You will be reminded of these in the new season letter and card, not to mention the emails and reminders from committee!

Stay vigilant!

Christmas Bonspiel

Since it's debut last season, there is hope that this event will gain in popularity and become a welcome addition to the club schedule.

Taking to the ice this year a band of 12 (or was it 13?) members took to the ice to enjoy a lively bonspiel featuring 2 'sessions' of 3 ends with a half-time break for spiced drinks and munchies!

Christmas jumpers and decorations are required otherwise players look decidedly dull!
The scoring in our Bonspiel was as it should be - unpredictable - and the method for each end was drawn at the conclusion of each end so noone had a clue how to play...

The daft rules were:-

Normal scoring but take the sum of the stone numbers on the handle;
Count number of shots nearest the hog;
No of shots in house but counting from the outside rather than the centre;
Difference of stones played through the back;
Normal scoring but shots awarded to opposition instead (very contraversial!); and
No of guards in play - team with most wins the difference.

Photos of the action were provided by Liz Horton who was unable to play but came along to support the club - thanks Liz!

New Season Innovation

This year the club adds some variety to its programme and we are pleased to announce that an inter-club game will take place on Wednesday 8th November at 7.50pm. We play the Virtual Club this year and this allows us to establish links with new curlers and perhaps some of our members that don't take part in external competition will be encouraged to join in a friendly game.

This Christmas on Tuesday 19th December we play a Club Bonspiel to which all are invited and this is an opportunity to invite prospective members to a relaxed evening of curling that may include some unfamiliar rule changes....

Arthur Frame Trophy Winners

Province success for the club in a competition that demanded much from the membership. This was a competition that nearly didn't happen for us as the game dates and times were awkward and we had to rely on many of you to step in to fill team places. Despite the hand knitted and seemingly desperate nature of the organisation, each game was played impeccably and the results speak for themselves. The club maintained a perfect record by winning all of the group games, the semi and a closely fought final. Glasgow XX were opposition at the group stages and were tough and respectable opposition in the final. It was no disappointment and good to run out winners with a decent crowd of spectators in attendance for the Province AGM but there in time to be entertained by on-ice action.

The roll of honour includes Ken Horton (who played all the games), Robin Shand, Gordon Crawford, John Sharp, Liz Horton, Dot Moran, Douglas Reid, Sheila Cowan and Gordon Nicholl. The off-ice supporting crew were Hugh and Christine, Leslie and Alistair.

Ken provided this run-down of the game:-

End 1 – after some remarkably good drawing by their third and skip, I missed a guard by a fraction with my last to come to their stones in the back 4 foot for shot
End 2 – with us lying 2, John Henderson decided to freeze a back stone. It curled miles and was part hidden for shot. Having watched his I took too much ice and missed. Their draw for 2 was short.
End 3 – with them lying 3, John Sharp played a nice hit and check in. I then froze their back stone to lie 2. Their last came off our stone allowing me to push it through – not quite the way we intended - for 3.
End 4 – John Henderson drew shot against 3.
End 5 – they got one in at the back of the 4 foot and no matter what we did we didn’t succeed in getting it away. They stole so 4-3.
End 6 – they got on the button and we failed and clear. John Sharp unfortunately jammed on our stone while trying to clear the front. I faced 3 with my last and was fortunate to make 2nd shot – 4-4.
End 7 – although they had control of the front, we were lying 2 when I played my first. It was a bit short but blocked their direct route to ours. John Henderson played a remarkable tap for shot. A fraction lighter or heavier would almost certainly have left us sitting 2. In my usual subtle way (full strike) a raised my first at a slight angle straight onto theirs for 3.
End 8 – rather than throw through we played for the rings and as a result of some very accurate hitting by Sheila, Gordon and John we gave them no chance.

Curling Cirque

The day the circus came to town - we had a visitor, Paul Bannerman is the drummer in the acclaimed Cirque du Soleil who were performing at the Hydro for a week in March. Paul is from Halifax in Canada although these days his residence is in Las Vegas when not on tour most of year. A keen curler, we responded to his request to have a chance to play and we of course opened our doors to him and fortunately we had a free team place. He played very very well and demonstrated his considerable skill on ice - much to the consternation of the opposition. It turns out also that his family are known to Leslie and the close ties in curling were evident as stories were exchanged before and after the game. We have a new friend and we wish him well on his travels.

Bobby's Stone Format

Our concluding competition of the season has a more formalised structure of play. Visit the Bobby's Stone page to see what is in store!

Burnside Trophy Winners

See the Burnside Trophy Results Page for the outcome of this competition which produced a notable deciding game.

Scottish Masters Winner

Sheila Cowan was lead player in the team that won the 2017 Scottish Masters (Over60) Championship at Greenacres in February.
The team also included former members Elaine Semple (skip) and Alison MacLennan (third).
Read more and see photographs of the winners here.
A full results and team information is available on the RCCC site here.

European Seniors Success

Dot Moran and Liz Horton were part of the winning team skipped by Kay Gibb in the European Seniors Invitational event held at Greenacres in November. Their performance was notable for the fact that they beat World Seniors Champions Jackie Lockhart and team in the final. They were the only senior ladies team to beat them this season!
See photographs of the winners here.

Karlstadt 1977

A long time ago in a country far, far away...

Ken and Liz returned to Karlstadt in Sweden for the World Senior Curling Championships in April 2016 - an opportunity for Ken to revisit the scene of the World Championships played there in 1977.

For a time (1968-1985) the Worlds were known as the Air Canada Silver Broom and in this year Scotland were represented by Ken Horton and a team comprising:-
Richard Harding
Keith Douglas
Willie Jamieson

This was a team out of Carmunnock and Rutherglen Curling Club.
Unfortunately they were beaten by Canada in the Final game.

The following images were taken from the rink wall - yes still there after all these years!

T B Murray Trophy

A bit of history, featuring some past and present members of the club... Now presented to the Junior Men's Championship winners, Tom Murray who donated the Trophy was especially keen to encourage young curlers and to give them the opportunity to compete at highest level. It is significant therefore that many of our club members started as juniors and were winners of this Trophy. Do take the time to study this piece, penned by Bob Cowan, one of our Honorary Members. The 1972 presention is most interesting as it is a team of C&R members. The 1975 presentation also includes John Sharp. This is the link to the page in the Curling History Blog here.

2016 Medals Finals Fixtures for Tuesday 20 December at 8.20pm

Carmunnock Medal: Team Hudson by 5 shots to 4. Guest winning skip Govan has first win of the season!
Rutherglen Medal: Team Yuille by 8 shots to 4.
Tommy Graham: Team Horton by 10 shots to 3.

The games were played on ice that was felt to be consistent if a little straight in places. Nice also to report that sporting behaviour and good manners were observed at all times...

Forthcoming Season's Fixtures posted - 2nd August

Please refer to the competition pages for all you need to know about this years games.
Take note of the Friday games if they affect you.

The C&R Open

What is this?

Bunker Action

A Crime Scene?
Glastonbury from orbit?
Jellyfish Manoeuvres?
Brexit policy diagram?
Ken’s Redoubt?

Such was the scene one wet sunday afternoon as the C&R Open tournament opened it’s windswept doors to members and guests to play for - not the Claret Jug - but a mug of Bovril and the Auld brown Putter.

Open venues are of course fast becoming scarce as Scottish venues are ruled out owing to archaic policies or anarchic owners.

Little did we know that Leslie our host had prepared the perfect antidote - a suitable ‘course’ with a nasty surprise for the competitors in the shape of a devious putting surface that was a perfect collision of snooker, crazy golf and croquet, but presented as an elegant and entertaining afternoon’s play.

Boys went first, followed by the girls (gender bias to the fore here folks) and it seems that the first half of the draw fared better as conditions worsened throughout.

Notable casualty was Ken who unerringly found ‘sand’ at every convenient opportunity although an ‘out of bounds’ down the path was also added for variety. Just like Ken to explore every potential the course had to offer.

The girls - dressed in luminous costume faced the wind and bravely fought hole after hole in an anti-clockwise trundle around Leslies garden.

The party retired to the official ‘Clubhouse’ to be greeted by the Housemaster and to receive honourable mentions as befitting the occasion. It was a close contest but the final winner was in fact the first to leave - John M L Brown had to catch a flight and did not therefore collect the putter as his trophy.

An interesting game it was - the makeshift bunkers played their part however we shall not divulge the rules as 1. We want to keep it a surprise and 2. We didn’t understand them.

It was a worthy afternoon accompanied by some fine BBQ food and drink most ably served up by ‘The host’ whose demand that house rules be followed was on the whole accepted as it was a far better fate than having your burger dropped on the fire...

The weather may have been grim but ample shelter was on hand to keep the company dry - at least on the outside - and much fun was had thereafter.

It is not untimely to suggest that we ought to do this again and we appeal to the membership at large to support the opportunity to relax away from the serious business of curling and to indulge in some of the good banter that often characterises our games.

It is oft repeated but Where were You whilst all this was happening?

Course Conditions

A general view of the course - wide fairways and close cut rough - facing east.
General View

The south view of the difficult 8th - across the footpath - dangerous hazards easily reachable from the tee.
Southern Aspects

The footpath obstacle - out of bounds. Note dangerous animals lurking in the undergrowth.

The first tee - not marks for style.
First Tee

Conditions were soft with a lumpy 6 feet on the stimp meter. Occasional showers a fresh SE breeze. CSS for the day being 44 which kept everyone except Ken in the buffer so he goes up next year. John shot a 43 for a creditable 1 under for the day.

Bar well stocked - Beer, wines and spirits with usual soft drink accompaniments. Hard action for the carnivorous off the BBQ - yum!

World Senior Curling Championships

A hearty congratulations to Ross Barr and Team Ireland for their very respectable performance in the WSCC held at Karlstad, Sweden in April 2016. The team finished with a Bronze medal behind Sweden and Canada.
WSCC Bronze Medal - Ireland

Bobby's stone in a photo finish?

Well not quite but the final table reveals that Team C won by majority of shots from Team B since both teams had the same number of wins and ends scored. Team A were just behind but a quick examination of the table shows that the winning team's shooting record assured them of a win despite the seemingly close finish.

Play on the final night was indeed relaxed and appeared to be enjoyed by all who were there. Just what Hugh, Ken and Leslie thought of the antics from behind the glass is another matter!

AGM and Dinner

Please note that our Annual General Meeting and Dinner will be held at Haggs Castle Golf Club on Friday 22 April from 7.00pm. All members are invited to attend the meeting and join the club for a convivial dinner and prize-giving afterwards.
Note also that your response for attendance at the evening together with menu choice and playing intentions are requested by Monday 18th April at the latest. Your cooperation with this helps us secure our preferred ice times for next season.

Points 2016

The Province Points competition was held on Thursday 31st March at 7:30pm. This doubles up as our own points competition and on this occasion Robin took the honours with 36 Points. Gordon Nicholl and Alistair Govan also represented the club however this is a woeful turnout for what should be a fine evening of curling prowess. Take note that this was a subsidised event and one that as a club we should support to maintain the viability of the competition.

Burnside Trophy Finals 2016

The results were as follows:- Team Hudson beat Team Horton for the Burnside Trophy and
Team Cromar beat Team Chambers for the Centenary Trophy.

In an interesting twist and possibly a first for the club, two Canadian curlers contested the Burnside Trophy. Brian Husdon taking on Team Horton, skipped for the evening by Conor Baker our newest recruit! A fascinating encounter for participants and spectators alike.

Here are the Winning Skips in action:-

BT action

Club Members' success at local hunt

We do like to blow our own trumpet and once again we delight in reporting success by our friends in recent competition. On this occasion it is the annual 'Haggis' at Greenacres won by a team featuring Ken and Liz Horton with Dot Moran. The team enjoy a prize of produce from the headline sponsor Tulloch the Butcher, presumably the best game of the day?

View a perfect shot of the team.

Team Walczak at the Glynhill

Many club members will remember Adela who joined us when she studied in Glasgow. Now back in her native Poland, she has continued to develop her curling and we were pleased to welcome both her and her team back to Braehead as competitors in the Glynhill Ladies International.
Adela was clearly pleased to be back and to meet again members who turned out to support the team over the weekend. The event organisers run an initiative that allows clubs to 'sponsor' a team (chosen at random) and this gives the teams a small link with local curling and the club in turn has an interest in the progress of a particular team in the event.
By strange coincidence we drew Adela...

The photographs show our meeting and close observation reveals the Stewart Tartan scarves presented to the team and we received some interesting gifts from Poland - details of which may be offered at the club AGM!

This is the first trip abroad for the team and they are fully intent on returning next year - expecting once again for the club to turn out to see them - so be prepared!

The Glynhill event website is

On their own - almost

With club members

8th European Seniors Invitational Curling Championship event at Greenacres

Now here's an interesting thing, you hear of late substitutions turning a game? Well this is what happened as Team Robin Gray representing Ireland called upon Ross Barr as a sub for this event held in November.
The good news is that they turned out winners, quite an achievement given a quality field and with an untested line up. Ross will no doubt be in further demand for your club sub requirements...?

Nice to note also that Ken Horton made the semi-finals but narrowly missed out on a final appearance.

The results can be seen here.

2015 Medals Finals Results

The games played on Tuesday 15th of December were won as follows:

Carmunnock Medal: Team Horton by 4 shots to 3 over Team Steven.
Rutherglen Medal: Team Chambers by 8 shots to 6 over Team Hudson.
Centenary: Team Govan won after a draw shot challenge with Team Crawford. The game was peeled at 4 shots.

Looks interesting! Now if only I had a detailed match report!...

C&R Champions Medal

New for 2015 and thanks are due to Leslie Ingram-Brown for the donation of a rather special medal. The inscriptions confirm that it was originally presented to the Rutherglen club and awarded in 1893 for points play to a G. Morton who may well have been the club President from 1890-1892.
The Club may decide how the medal should be awarded and in this inaugural season it was agreed that the champion curler would be decided as a play-off between the winner of the Carmunnock Medal and the Burnside Trophy. Alas the outcome was that Ken Horton's rinks won both so the medal was duly awarded to winning skip Ken.

Gold Medal Front

The rear of the medal bears details of the donor however it's probably a good idea that we get a better photograph of this view...

Gold Medal Back

C&R in Bratislava

No - it's not an impending tour - but here is a photograph taken at a Rink in Bratislava by one of our new members - Christina Marin.

Badges on Display

2014 Medals Finals Results

The games played on Tuesday 23rd of December were won as follows:

Carmunnock Medal: Team Horton by 7 shots to 5.
Rutherglen Medal: Team Guthrie by 8 shots to 2.
Tommy Graham: Team Hudson by 7shots to 6.

The games were played on difficult ice with many reporting a large number of pick ups. A high standard of play was observed and on the whole games were close and played in our traditional sporting spirit and good humour.

C&R sponsor 2014 Glynhill Ladies International Winners

Bingyu Wang and her team of Yin Liu, Qingshuang Yue and Yan Zhou take time out to meet club members during the competition held at Braehead from 17-19th January.
A recent initiative by the organisers asks clubs to make a small donation to 'Adopt a Team' for the duration of the event and to use this as a reason to come along and follow their progress.

We were indeed fortunate to have the winning side and on Saturday a small delegation met with the team to present a gift of 'Glasgow Mugs' and anniversary pin badges.

The team were very grateful and offered a team shirt in exchange as a thank you. They were apparently amazed that our club had been in existence for 150years!

This team goes on to represent China at the Sochi Winter Olympics so take time to watch out for them on the ice and appreciate top quality curling from a team that have been playing the game for a relatively short time.

C&R with Team Wang

Thanks to Leslie Ingram-Brown who was on hand to take the picture.

2013 Medals Finals

The final games of the Medals and Tommy Graham Trophy took place on Tuesday 10th December at 20:20.

The Results were as follows:-

Team Steven....... 2 ends and 4 shots
Team Horton....... 5 ends and 6 shots

Gerry McCormick of Drystanes was pressed into action from the bar in place of a last minute call off. By all accounts he played well for his team. Our grateful thanks!

Team Crawford...... 3 ends and 10 shots
Team Hudson......... 5 ends and 10 shots

The score does not do this game justice: it was a fascinating encounter. A great comeback to level the game after 8 ends led to a nervy draw shot play off.
Neither skip made the house with their first draw such was the pressure! Team Crawford made the next count though and were declared the winner.

Crawford-Hudson Score

Team Stirling.......4 ends and 7 shots
Team Govan........3 ends and 6 shots

Another close game.

Honours as follows:
For Carmunnock Medal: Team Horton
For Rutherglen Medal: Team Crawford
For Tommy Graham Trophy: Team Stirling

Site under construction?

The site is now in better shape and frequent visitors will notice that the competition pages are fully operational.
Things are not yet finished though so expect to see further additions to the Gallery and Club details.
Note that each game will be recorded with full line scores so your Match Secretary asks that you properly complete your cards so all details are present and correct!

Up, Up and Away for the New Curling Season! Where were you?

Balloon lands at Putting Competition

You didn't miss the afternoon but chances are that you were not at Strathaven for the opening event of the 2013/14 Curling Season.
Those that did had a great afternoon amongst the gathering at Strathaven Park for the Annual Putting Competition.
The club voted to retain this event but sadly, few members turned up to enjoy time in the sun, hit golf balls, eat ice cream and lap up the atmosphere of the balloon festival.

The competition ended with a four-way tie which resulted in an unprecedented play-off to decide the overall winner. Each putt got better and with the final ball Leslie Ingram-Brown was declared the winner!
All retired to the confines of the well-appointed Strathaven Golf Club for a drink on the terrace followed by high tea in the bar.
A marvellous time was had by one and all and we hope to encourgage more to join us again next year.

Pictured: A wandering balloon makes an unscheduled landing to greet surprised residents and C&R members. (Photo Credit - Liz Horton)