As the name suggests Carmunnock and Rutherglen is an amalgamation of two clubs. The origins the of the Carmunnock Club is lost in the mists of time, the first record we have is 1851, the date inscribed on the Carmunnock Medal, still played for today.
We know Rutherglen was formed three years later in 1854.
The clubs got together in 1925 for the best of reasons, "Rutherglen had the members, Carmunnock the pond."

Here we find a reference to the Carmunnock Club from the Glasgow Herald dated 26th February 1855:
Carmunnock Club Reference

And here a reference to both clubs from the Glasgow Herald dated 26th January 1881:
Carmunnock and Rutherglen Clubs Reference

In 1928 the club moved to indoor ice at the newly opened Crossmyloof Ice Rink in Glasgow, but still played outdoors when the weather permitted, in 1937 the venue was the pond near Castlemilk House, now buried under a housing estate.

In the 1960s and 1970s C&R was the first club in the Glasgow area to admit junior curlers to full membership. That decision paid off, C&R can boast a number of Scottish Champions from their membership, including Graeme Adam, Ken Horton, Robin Copland, Bob Cowan and Bob Kelly.

The club became a mixed club in 1969/1970, it seems it just happened that women members were admitted, there's no record of any discussion at the AGMs of the time. And though it is a mixed club C&R also has a ladies' section. That started back in 1956 when eight women, all married to C&R members decided they'd like to play the game.

In its long history the club has moved from outdoor ponds to Crossmyloof, then to The Summit Centre in 1986, on to Paisley followed by Braehead. In 2020 The Club moved to Hamilton following the closure of Braehead, joining their Daytime section that had been based there for many years.

The club celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2004 with a bonspiel and a dinner which went long into the night as old friends from all over the world caught up with each other once again.