(1) All games will be played over 8 ends or time. In the event of a draw, no extra end or ends will be played.
The skips shall be solely responsible for seeing that cards are filled in for each team for each game and for giving the completed cards to a committee member. Any cards filled in incorrectly or incomplete in any way shall result in a penalty shot against the offending team.

(2) All league competitions will be decided by games won, ends won, majority of shots and shots scored.

(3) In the event of a tie at the end of a knockout game, a single draw shot shall be played by a nominated player from each team the closest shot to the pot lid being the winner.

(4) Rink members if unable to play find own substitute and notify skip at least 24 hours before game.

(5) Substitutes may play up to and including the position of the person they are replacing.

(6) Games shall commence at the start of the session, even if only 3 players are available in a team, provided one is a regular team member.

(7) A team with only 3 players shall incur no penalties:

(8) The committee reserves the right to charge defaulters twice the ice fee for failing to turn up without good reason.

(9) When only 3 are present the skip shall throw 2 stones and the other 2 players throw 3 stones each.

(10) Any team with only 2 players shall forfeit the match. Defaults will be the responsibility of the missing players.

(11) Free Guard Zone Rules (as updated for season 2018/19) will apply to all games.


Games may be conceded at the skip's discretion.


Carmunnock and Rutherglen Medals and Tommy Graham Trophy

The above competitions start with a round robin of all 4 teams.


* 1st and 2nd ranked teams play for the Carmunnock Medal.

* 3rd and 4th ranked teams play off for chance to play a final game.

* Loser of 1v2 meets winner of 3v4. Winner receives the Rutherglen Medal, and loser the Tommy Graham Trophy.

The above play off and final will be played on:

Tuesday the 28th of November and Tuesday 5th of December respectively. All games at 8:00pm.

Burnside Trophy

A double Round Robin of 3 teams.

* Top ranked team wins the Burnside Trophy

Centenary Trophy

A single Round Robin of 3 teams.

* Top ranked team wins the Centenary Trophy