Reserves List 2018/19

The club has for each competition members who are willing to act as substitute players in the event that a regular team player cannot play a particular game. Reserves might play in other competitions however they have made themselves available for a specific competition.

Members are encouraged to use Reserves whenever possible to give them an opportunity to play rather than ask members already playing in that competition.

A charge of £5 (donation to club funds) has been suggested for those playing as a reserve who are on the reserve list only for a particular competition. Team players playing as a reserve in another team in a competition will not be expected to donate £5.

Members on the reserve list who are not regular team players in any club competition are asked to remember that they are obliged to pay a £4 subscription to Braehead if they are likely to play no more than 4 games in a season.

Members are also asked to note that any Braehead Non-members subbing in any of our club matches are obliged to sign in and pay the daily subscription. This can be done at the bar if the office is closed.

Scottish Curling/RCCC Members Database

The Scottish Curling is the now rebranded organising body of Curling in Scotland and maintains a directory of Clubs and Members. This facility includes an option to register for a login so that you can communicate securely with club members by email to obtain a sub. You can contact the committee if you need further information about registration. Of course the traditional means of communication i.e. asking personally or using the telephone remain viable alternatives!

You are encouraged to use this facility to keep your contact information up to date if it changes. If you do not, we may lose touch with you!

The link is and you can go straight there from here.

Note that this domain name still refers to RCCC - this is not an error - it has simply not been changed.

Medals Reserves

R. Chambers, K. Harvey, D. Horton, B. Lindsay, T. Sinclair, J. Steven, J. Stirling, M. Yuille.

Burnside/Centenary Trophy with Bobby's Stone Reserves

A Barr, R. Chambers, K. Cromar, J. Gardiner, A. Guthrie, D. Horton, B. Lindsay, D. Moran, C. Shand, T. Sinclair, J. Steven, N. Steven, J. Stirling, M. Yuille, L. Yuill.